Spinal pain

Back pain, neck pain and headaches are all issues that can significantly impact your quality of life. They can effect your ability to concentrate at work, they can stop you from doing the sports you love or they might restrict your ability to care for, and enjoy time with your kids.

In order to help you it is important to establish a few things.

  1. What structure is creating the pain – which joint/muscle/nerve/disc?
  2. Is there pathology is e.g. a disc bulge seen on MRI?
  3. WHY you got that problem.

Often the WHY is ignored. When you know why you have pain then you can treat it. If your MRI report says you have a disc bulge at L4/5 it is telling you what is creating pain, what the pathology is. It doesn’t tell you why you got the disc bulge in the first place.

At Sydney Advanced Physio we aim to look at your body as a whole to establish why you have back or neck pain to help you fully recover.

Our exceptional hands on and rehabilitation skills mean that we’re equipped to treat a large number spinal conditions ranging from disc issues, thoracic ring issues, cervicogenic headaches, postural problems and neck and spinal pain.

If you would like a copy of our free report ‘Three Common Mistakes That Prolong Back Pain’, please request one by emailing [email protected].

For more information on our back pain services please refer to our Back Pain information.

Muscle problems

If you’ve got a muscle strain or tear our physios are able to help!

We will look at the way your move (your biomechanics) to try and help you find out why you hurt yourself but how best to recover full strength while getting you back to the things you want to do as quickly as possible.

To recover from tendon problems we need to look at the load the tendon experiences. Teaching you to use the right muscles during movement and increasing your strength will help you recover from tendinopathies.

Our skilled massage therapist can help you prepare for a sporting event, improve your recovery time, help you relax while ridding you of muscle aches, pains and cramping.


If you leak urine when you exercise or get leaks at any other time it’s important to see a women’s health physiotherapist. Statistics show that 50% of women are actually push down instead of lifting up when they try to do a pelvic floor contraction.

It is important to manage any continence issues with specific women’s health assessments.

A women’s health physiotherapist can help you establish what is causing any bladder problems. They can help you learn to do a proper pelvic floor contraction and they can even help with ways to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections.

Women’s health physios can also help find a cause for pain issues. For more information please refer to our Women’s Health information.

Sport specific conditioning and personal training

If you like to play a particular sport and you want to improve your performance then you need to have adequate strength, range of motion and control.

For example, golfers need to be able to create a thorax-pelvic separation angle to essentially wind up the body through a stretch shorten cycle to produce power and drive through a shot. Often people lack rotation range of motion in their rib cage and so they try and get that extra rotation they need from somewhere else and injure themselves in the process.

Our physios will look at the demands of your sport, assess your body and find ways to improve your sporting performance.

Running assessments can be useful for identifying technical issues with your running style. Sometimes these technique issues can be because of a lack of strength or control or simply because you need to be given a few cues for how to make yourself more efficient.

If you want to get stronger and fitter then our strength and conditioning sessions are for you. These sessions are small groups or private personal training sessions with a physiotherapist designed to safely train and challenge you.


We run equipment and mat Pilates classes to meet you needs. Pilates aims to teach you how to control your body, move with good joint and body control, how to control strength.

Mat Pilates allows you to learn a large range of strength, stability and flexibility exercises. This teaches you to control your body weight first (which can be quite a challenge) and then progress to adding load.

Equipment Pilates allows you to challenge the areas of your body, or the muscles that are not firing properly. Improving your muscle patterning can drastically improve your sporting performance because you can add spring loading in a huge variety of positions while improving your core stability and your baseline strength.


At Sydney Advanced Physiotherapy we can provide you with a taping service (rigid tape or Kinesio tape) to allow you to perform well in your sporting match or before a run.

Kinesio taping helps normalise muscle function. You can use it to help relax a muscle or to help a muscle turn on a little more. It can also help flush out bruising as swelling and help soften hard painful varicose veins. Kinesio taping can also assist with lymphatic drainage following cancer treatment.

Post surgical recovery

We can assist your recovery from surgeries such as meniscal repairs, knee reconstructions, and shoulder surgeries. Often when patients have broken bones they require physiotherapy afterward (even if they didn’t need surgery) to recover their strength and range on motion so they can return to normal activities.

We understand the huge changes your rib cage and spine are subjected to after chest surgeries like open heart surgery or mastectomies. We can help you recover normal alignment and normal muscle activation and strength.

Paediatric issues

Sydney Advanced Physiotherapy treats a range of paediatric issues including muscle pain, sports dysfunction, torticollis and talipes.

We also have an infant massage service in which a physiotherapist teaches parents how to safely perform massage on their infant to assist with weight gain, parental bonding including in cases of postnatal depression. Infant massage can also reduce infant stress, improve time to settle and assist with symptoms of wind, colic and constipation.

Post cancer recovery

Following breast cancer surgery you will need assistance to recover chest and arm flexibility as well as rib cage alignment.

Following thyroid cancer and other neck surgeries people often require assistance with scar management, joint stiffness. Recovering normal muscle activation and optimal range of movement is also important for recovery.