Back pain can be crippling. It can be annoying. It can impact your quality of life. Back pain can be the thing that makes you stop playing the sport you love, the thing that makes you wince when you pick your kids up or it can just be that nagging pain that is always there. Back pain can also impact your ability to concentrate and perform your job to the best of your abilities. All you want is for the pain to go away.

The experience of back pain can be quite different for each person. You might suffer from a brief episode or from constant unrelenting pain every day but it’s important to understand why you have pain.

A spinal disc should work as a shock absorber and help you transfer load throughout the spine. Each disc has a normal metabolic process that it goes through every day. At the beginning of the day you are 2cm taller than you will be by the end of the day. During the day you will lose fluid from the disc as you load and move your body. This process helps remove the waste products of the day from your discs. Then when you go to sleep and your muscles let go your discs will refill.

When you’ve been stiff in one segment in your spine, or lots of segments, then the spine can’t move as well in that area and it can’t create pressure change in the disc as effectively. Without that pressure change your discs don’t get the stimulation they need to refill overnight. Slowly, if stiffness persists, the disc will start to dehydrate and start to thin. This can be seen on MRI’s and other images and is often referred to as a degenerated disc.

If you would like to know more about how the spine works then please watch the video that is attached to this page.

When a disc thins, a bit like a car tyre going flat, you start to see bulges in the disc. When this happens it means you’re taking more pressure on the outer rim of the disc which creates pain. It also means that it gets harder and harder to get fluid to move in and out of the disc so the waste products can get trapped inside the disc which can generate pain, and the fluid that needs to come in to rehydrate the disc has a much harder time getting in.

Muscles can compress the spine and contribute to fluid being slowly squeezed out of the discs.

Physiotherapy can help remove the stiffness and the muscle compression to help decompress your spine to allow pressure change in the spine. They can also teach you some exercises that will promote disc healing. It is vital that these issues are addressed as soon as possible to preserve the discs.

We have written a free report called ‘Three Things You Need To Know About Your Back’. Download the PDF now.

This report is two pages long and will give information on the three things that you should know if you suffer from back pain.

What We Do

At Sydney Advanced Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on our results treating back pain. We strive to identify the true cause of your pain so we can help you fully resolve the issue. In order to get lasting relief from back pain there are three things we do in a first consultation:

  • Full body postural assessment
  • Movement control assessment
  • Palpation assessment

Our postural assessment helps us to identify any alignment issues that may be contributing to your back pain. Having the skill to assess these contributing issues is the key to resolving your back pain.

Our movement control and palpation assessments give us a clear understanding of how your use your body. During this part of an assessment we get a huge amount of information about which joint you overload or are not controlling, which muscles you use too much and which ones you don’t use enough. When we have this information we can start showing you things that you can do to correct them.

We also have a Real Time Ultrasound machine that allows us to look at how well you activate your core muscles and take actual muscle thickness measure to mark your improvement by.

You can take these three steps towards lasting relief of back pain by contacting our clinic and booking a consultation. Our expert physios will spend an hour with you in this one-on-one consultation and will explain what they find in these assessments so that you can really understand what’s causing your pain and the steps you need to take to get rid of it.

Free Service for Those With Back Pain

Our ‘Three Steps to Rapid Relief from Back Pain’ information evening will next be held TBA.

Simply email us to secure one of our limited seats and by the end of the session you will:

  • Be crystal clear about what happens in the spine to create pain and what sort of relief you can expect to get, and,
  • Find out the three best self management strategies to help you immediately relieve your back pain.
  • You will leave the session with the confidence of knowing exactly what to do to finally get relief from back pain.
  • You will also learn the number one thing that’s stopping you from ridding yourself from back pain.

We will strive to help you understand your pain and the steps that you can take to start getting rapid relief from your back pain today.

There is no charge for this event. Please contact us to secure one of the limited seats.