Due to the COVID-19 crisis we are continually adjusting how we are practicing. In-clinic physio and massage appointments are currently available. There are numerous changes we have made in order to enable social distancing wherever possible. We continue to disinfect all surfaces and items after each use. Our therapists are currently switching rooms after each treatment session to enable each room to be fully disinfected. Our classes remain online for the time being as we monitor the situation and continue to be cautious. Our primary concern is the health of our clients and staff.

To make an appointment to see one of our physios or massage therapists you can book online via this website or call 9416 4410. To book for online classes please call 9416 4410.

Please remember to wash your hands in the bathroom near the lift before entering the clinic. All classes remain online at this time.

Please note if you have traveled recently or have any symptoms of illness we ask that you contact our admin team and do not come to the clinic.

Our physio services are available via online consultation which you can book online via this website. Our physios are extremely well trained and are capable of assessing and treating you for an enormous range of issues via TeleHealth.


For more information about our online services click here.


For more information about our online classes click here.



At Sydney Advanced Physiotherapy we have only the best massage therapists!

They are trained to feel alignment issues they will help you recover from your injury faster. Soft tissue work, like that done by our massage therapists, can also be used to prepare your body for optimal performance ahead of a sporting event or to help you recover afterwards.

Massage is also a great way to improve your circulation, keep your body and skin healthy, give your back a regular service and to relax so you get a great nights sleep.

HICAPS is available in the clinic for health insurance claims.

Types of massage available

Remedial Massage

Moderate to Firm Pressure. Aims to reduce muscle tightness, trigger point and muscle imbalances that may be causing pain, poor alignment and tightness.

Deep Tissue Massage

Relieves muscles tension and provides pain relief. Often effective in treating chronic pain, overuse injuries and scar tissue.

Swedish Massage

Light to Medium Pressure. Promotes circulation, relaxation and lymphatic drainage. Great for stress relief.

Pregnancy Massage

Moderate Pressure. Performed after first trimester. Great for back pain, headaches, fluid retention, pelvic pain. Improves sleep and relaxation. Special pregnancy cushion available.

Sports Massage

Moderate to Firm Pressure. Helps improve flexibility and reduce pain. Effective in helping you recover faster from a sporting event or workout.

Lymphatic Drainage

Light Pressure. Designed to help move excess fluid and stimulate lymphatic system. Great when you suffer from fluid retention or lymphoedema.