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Breathing For Runners

So often we hear patients telling us they run for stress relief. When your body is in a high-stress state it can change the way you breathe. This can make your running less efficient – meaning that you feel more puffed or tired than you should. Alterations to your breathing pattern can also mean that your thorax (mid back) stiffens up and this impacts the way your body rotates which impacts how you run and significantly increases the rate of injuries. In this workshop, Ali will give you a short explanation on how stress can change the way you breathe, the muscles you switch on and how this impacts your running. She will then take the group through a breathing exercise designed to reduce your stress response so that your time running is more enjoyable and you’re less likely to hurt yourself or experience discomfort.

When: Saturday 27th October 2018

Time: 8.00am (30min)

Physio: Ali