COVID-19 Service changes:

We are bringing our in-clinic classes back with some changes. Our classes will still take 4-5 people depending on the type of class but to be extra cautious we will be spreading the participants of these classes out across our two large gyms so that people are able to have far more than 4sqm per person and a minimum of 1.5m between each participant. Each participant will be allocated set pieces of equipment to use during the sessions which will be disinfected after use. If you would prefer to bring your own equipment that’s fine. We will not be offering Mums & Bubs classes for the time being.

We will keep some online classes available and both our online and in-clinic class timetable will vary depending on demand so please let us know if you would like to see any particular classes on the schedule.



These sessions are specifically designed for patients who have balance problems or who have a history of falls.

To participate you must be able to walk independently (with or without walking aids e.g. walking stick). This is not appropriate for wheelchair bound patients.

You must have a 30 minute appointment with a physiotherapist to perform balance assessments before you begin the programme and to ensure this class is appropriate for you. This is not included in the package price.

Minimum of two participants. $20 per class


View our timetable here.