Recently there have been some highly publicised changes to health fund rebates with Pilates. When attending physio-led Pilates classes, such as those at Sydney Advanced Physiotherapy, you will still be able to claim a rebate on your private health. The amount you can claim, as always, depends on what plan you’re on with your insurance company.

Pregnancy and delivery can lead to some significant changes to your body. Some of the common issues we see include:

  • Lower back and pelvic pain
  • Wrist pain – particularly postnatally
  • Tummy muscle separation
  • Failure of the stomach to return to its pre-pregnancy tone
  • Continence issues
  • Neck and shoulder tightness

Pilates can aid these issues by improving your alignment, strength, control and flexibility. It allows us to target certain areas that need to get stronger or need to be stretched. Pilates allows us to teach you to move and exercise properly while allowing for the significant changes your body goes through even after delivery.

Antenatal and Postnatal classes are designed to specifically accommodate the changes that occur during pregnancy and help you safely recover after giving birth.

Mums & Bubs classes allow you to bring your infants or to the class and in some cases the exercises can include your child! There is no need to bring your infant; however, you should feel free to do so.
Antenatal and Postnatal classes are limited to eight participants.
Mums & Bubs classes are limited to of five participants.

Please note: You must provide evidence of medical clearance to participate in prenatal classes. If you wish to return to Pilates within the first 3 months following delivery then we also require a letter of medical clearance.

Even if you have done Pilates with us before giving birth, due to the number of changes that can occur, you need to have a postnatal private assessment and medical clearance before participating after giving birth.

Patients with specific gynaecological issues such as overactive pelvic floor, significant prolapse, pain on penetration and severe pain should have a women’s health assessment to determine if they are able to enroll in a class. Some gynaecological issues, such as an overactive pelvic floor, can be worsened by Pilates and so we do recommend that if you have any concerns you see our women’s health physio prior to commencing classes.


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