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    • 06 FEB 19
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    Recovering After Twin Pregnancy

    Any pregnancy is essentially an endurance event for your body. It is even more challenging if you’re carrying multiple babies. Over the course of 9 months your body undergoes an enormous amount of change preparing for the arrival of your baby or babies. At the end of that period of change, you have another huge

    • 30 JAN 19
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    Struggling with headaches?

    There are lots of different types of headaches that people can get including tension, cluster and cervicogenic headaches. You may struggle with headaches that can progress into migraines. There is often a common element of neck tension, joint stiffness and/or poor alignment that contributes to peoples headaches. Looking at the way the muscles around the neck

    • 11 DEC 18
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    Why The Way You Breathe Could Be Stopping You From Being Pain Free

    Did you know you take more than 20,000 breaths per day? Imagine if you did 20,000 bicep curls – your arm would be SO sore tomorrow. The same thing applies with breathing. If you use the wrong muscles to breathe then they are seriously overworking. This can be one of the reasons why you always feel tight

    • 06 SEP 18
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    Finding A Solution For Lower Back Pain

    Written by Min Tze Chew Lower back pain is a common complaint that we treat every day in the clinic and unfortunately, almost everyone will experience lower back pain sometime during their lifetime. Back pain can range from a very minor irritating niggle that goes away after a few days, or can be extremely debilitating,